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  • In addition to fiction, I have completed a copywriting internship at Outmatch and am now a contributing writer for the company where I write health articles on a broad range of topics. Since July 2018, I’ve been working as a content writer and editor for Outmatch. Check out some of the articles I’ve written for their websites:

Jewish Topics

Food and Recipes

  • My own blog, The Creative Palate at, is where I frequently post new gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free recipes. The posts are humorous and informative, so I’ll advise you to check them out even if you don’t cook. My most recent posts are featured below, so keep scrolling.

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LS collage

  • My debut novel, Lethal Shoreshas been originally published as a serial in the Toronto Family Magazine, but it is currently being edited for its release as a novel.

Daniel is a Marrano in the age of the Spanish Inquisition, struggling to hide his identity from all around him, including his own family. When he discovers an abused child locked in a monastery, Daniel makes a vow that endangers his secret and his life.

Essua is an orphan, fighting to sustain his younger brothers, no matter the cost. After a regular day at the port, he returns home to find his world shattered. Essua’s new mission is survival — and revenge.

Gabriella cannot hide forever. Inquisitor raids and violence threatens her family, despite her father’s position in the Royal Court. Gabriella has two choices: to kneel under the persecution, or to abandon her future marriage and dreams for a chance at freedom.

When the Expulsion is decreed, the three youths must battle to escape the torture and murder plaguing Spain’s shores. Pirates, betrayal, and death loom over them as their lives collide, threatening everything they hold dear.

No one can be trusted.

No place is safe.

The stake is waiting.

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